5 Minimalistic Blogs to Follow

What inspires my mind.

My personal source for the minimalist in me is definately Instagram. That’s no surprise, I guess. I’m a big fan of fashion girls who take a more back-to-basics approach to their style, who think in neutrals, swear by architectural silhouttes, believe in good quality and who share the motto “less is more”. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5…here are my favorite minimalistic blogs which need to be on your radar.


 Instagram ist definitiv meine Inspirationsquelle Nr. 1, vor allem wenn es darum geht, neue Ideen für minimalistische Outfits zu finden und Anregungen zu holen. Ich bin ein großer Fan von Fashion Girls, die sich auf Basics konzentrieren, die in neutralen Tönen denken, auf interessante Schnitte schwören, denen gute Qualität wichtig ist und Outfits nach dem Motto “less is more” wählen. Hier sind meine fünf Favoriten.





Ann Kim’s style isn’t dictated by fast changing trends, but rather by her own personal preference for all things black. Simplicity is a key element that describes her style very well.


2// Harper & Harley



Sara Donaldson is the blogger behind the Australian fashion blog, Harper & Harley. I love her unexcited (positive!!) style and the way of creating the perfect wardrobe of key essential pieces. Sara is one of the five main cast members of the reality show ‘Fashion Bloggers’ (Tipp!).


3// The Dashing Rider



Fiona is based in Germany and shows her personal collection of stylings, photography, fashion and inspiration in a very stylish way. Her flatlays are just perfect!


4// Mija Mija



Creative type and Art Director. Her style: minimalistic and simple, her look scandinavian. But Mirjam is “Munich bred, London based & LA bound” as she says about herself. Have a look at her account and discover her amazing quotes ‘designed by Mija’.


5// Beige Renegade



Beige Renegade is a style and lifestyle inspiration source for the minimalist in us all. She is the master of living, dressing and thinking simply (and powerfully). Jiwa Liu, founder and blogger of Beige Renegade, lives the minimal life and proves that less is truly more.

Which are your favorite blogs or Instagram accounts?


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