Beautiful Bali.

From striking views to yoga on the beach, Bali is the ultimate relaxation destination.


Beautiful Bali. As I fall asleep in the plush king-sized bed on the first night, I am lulled by the sound of the lapping ocean and I wake up naturally the next morning, for one of their delicious breakfasts. As I step outside the front door of my private villa, I was overwhelmed. We arrived in the middle of the night after an exhausting 14 hours flight from Germany and just could adumbrate how it would look like daytime. The Kelapa Retreat is a small luxurious boutique hotel with eight private villas with stunningly large rooms and an outdoor bathroom. The hotel is directly located on an enchanting black beach on the edge of the traditional fishing village of Pekutatan in West Bali. I feel all my troubles melting away. Because I am in Bali where it is simply stunning. The first days we just relaxed poolside, went for long walks on the beach and enjoyed the tasty food of the hotel restaurant.







Photography by Matthias Sonnemann.

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