Wedding Day – The Ceremony


2 p.m One nervous bride…

Here are some pictures of our ceremony at Palazzo Novello where we celebrated with all of our friends and family. When we saw the pictures all the feelings came back to us. The whole ceremony was full of emotion, from laughter to tears and everything in between – hard to describe in words.

Our best and closest friends walked in first into the Hall of Honour of the Palazzo while I was waiting outside with my dad. A very intimate feeling – arm in arm waiting for the music to set in. Stepping up the stairs, entering the hall, our hearts beating, shaking legs, seeing all of our guests, our families, my mum, our friends, bridemaids, my beautiful sister. And Matthias! Waiting for me…again ;)

One of our closest friends did the ceremony and it could not have been better! It was so familiar with laughter and tears… Grazie mille, Andi!


Wedding Ceremony


Wedding Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

Ein Leben, Seite an Seite

Hand in Hand

und Herz an Herz,

mit Dir.


Pictures by Leonie Cappello



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